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Navigating todays market as a Seller in Ottawa

In todays Real Estate Market it is very competitive for Home and Investment Sellers!

Depending on location you might be competing with maybe 8 to 14 other similar listings if not more so its very important to stand out and one way to do that is with great staging. During hot markets staging might not be as important as demand is so high but with todays market and so many choices and buyers really taking there time to choose the right home you need to have the best marketing to get buyers in the door so we can have a chance to sell them.

The nicer the staging looks, the better the pictures and videos look which is our store front that all prospective buyers see first so make a great first impression by investing in some staging. The cost to stage can range from $1500 to $3000 depending on the size of the home but the investment almost always pays off as the home gets more attention faster and usually gets more value as the high end decorations makes people feel the home is worth more value.

We also have the option to do some virtual staging now which is very popular and cost affective but it is still not the same as real staging because people will not see and feel the virtual staging when they walk into the home and they can easily forget about the pictures as they have probably already seen hundreds of pictures of homes. The difference in walking into a empty home or a staged home is significantly different emotional feeling for buyers.

A competive price, Targeted marketing, Open Houses, bonuses for purchasing,flexible closing dates and Vendor take back mortgages are all other ways to try to stand out with your property but we feel staging and getting your store front looking perfect is the most important in todays Ottawa Real Estate market

We loved the staging my clients did at our new listing in Craig Henry so we had to take a picture.

If you have any questions about navigating this Real Estate Market please reach out and I would be happy to help </p>
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